TRY IT! Recommended Digital SLR

Digital SLRs

20.9 MP
The Entry Level
24.3 MP
The Long Lasting
32.5 MP
The Canon Pro
Nikon D7500
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Nikon D750
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Canon EOS 90D
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Digital SLR feature a bigger sensor than many of the Digital Cameras out there (also bigger than mobile phone cameras). This allows for better image quality and less noise.

The Manual control of Digital SLR Cameras also allow for better pictures in challenging conditions (such as the ones found in the summit of a Mountain at 6AM) with low light, faint distant objects and (usually) wind.

Body-only options with high quality images tested by our team in the most remote areas to achieve world record class pictures.

Nikon D7500

Crop Sensor DSLR, which is the best evolution (to date) of the Nikon D5100, which has been used several times during the last years by the Beyond Horizons team, to capture sights like this one of the Alps from the Pyrenees.

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Nikon D750

The Full Format Version of the D7500, will offer a better image quality and better performance under low light conditions, given the bigger sensor.

In general, Full Frame Cameras (with a 35mm sensor built in) gather more light and have significant lower levels of noise.

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Canon EOS 90D

Canon’s equivalent to the D7500 is a Crop Sensor camera with an incredible resolution of 32.5 MP and a very high image quality.

Actually, both Nikon and Canon’s best cameras will perform the same in practical situations… It all comes to each one’s favourite brand!

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