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Mirrorless Cameras

20.9 MP
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24.3 MP
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Nikon Z50
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Nikon Z6
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Sony Alpha 7 ii
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In comparison with Compact Cameras (which have good image quality and are the lightest) and DSLR (which are heavier but have the best image quality) it seems we have to choose between Quality and Weight…

…and it was the case, until the introduction of Mirrorless Cameras.

Combining a DSLR class sensor in a Compact camera body, these newly introduced cameras can provide the best image quality of all while being just as light as a compact camera.

Nikon Z50

Nikon’s most affordable Mirrorless camera with a crop (APS-C) sensor and a very interesting price below 1.000 EUR.

Image Quality is promised to be even better than in the D7500, so we have lots of hope with this camera and what could bring in the future.

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Nikon Z6

Full-Frame companion of the Z50, with the associated advantages: reduced Noise – to – Signal ratio and increased Dinamyc Range to capture the best images in contrast situations (like this shot of Gran Canaria island for the Summit of Teide peak)

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Sony Alpha 7 ii

Finally, what would be for us a dream camera with the best reviews available on the Internet.

Sony is actually producing the sensor of many other brand’s DSLR, so there is no surprise that their own product line is one of the best in the market.

But, also true is, the price to pay could be very high!

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