246 KM | Cantavieja – Monte Perdido

Cantavieja II (5)
Distance246 Kilometers
ByJuanjo Diaz de Argandoña
CameraNikon D5100 @ ISO160 – 1/400
LensED80 APO Refractor Telescope (900 mm. equiv.)
DateDecember 23rd 2014 – 9:22

In distant photography  there are good days, and there are days that go to History.

 23rd of December, 2014 was one of this days, as being ultra – clear.

Covering distances up to 260 kilometers in a single picture, maintaining the details as the picture above does can only be achieved in a day with perfect conditions.

Snow, rocks and even ridges can be seen clearly, while different layers in Earth’s atmosphere can also be seen changing colors and visibility in the picture above.

This opportunity to see distant summits and being able to study Earth’s atmosphere in the meanwhile was something I have never experienced before, as a clear day like that one was never on my plans.

Very low humidity forecasts and a high pressure system over Spanish region made me wake up at 5 am in the morning and head to Cantavieja, in order to reach it at sunrise.

Conditions were ultra clear, and improving as the day was starting to take its presence, and 1 hour after the sun appeared the situation became perfect… All details, mountains and artifacts in the horizon were clear and calm.

Monte Perdido is for me the first panorama made with my telescope and not by an standard lens, with the complexity it takes to process the pictures and attach them, with great amounts of vignetting.

This map below illustrates the greatness of this panorama, and how unique that day was:

Details on the Capture and Line of Sight

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