218 KM | Anchorange – Denali

Denali_1200 blog
Distance218 Kilometers
ByJosep Manchado
CameraNikon E5700
LensZoom-Nikkor ED @ 71.2 mm. – f./ 2.8
DateJune 28th 2003 – 22:02

Formerly known as Denali by local natives, Mt. McKinley is the highest peak in N. America.

The peak has a large potential distant horizon and it is also found in an area of the planet where the air is usually free of pollution. The severe and changing weather also contributes to produce high transparency.

When it happens, the result may be one of the most magnificent views on Earth.

pointsofmaptodenali General distribution of view

My days in Alaska were finishing, so I reserved my last day for Anchorage, near the airport, to avoid any last moment troubles. Early at morning I went to Earthquake Park, at level sea, and I got surprised with the mountains I could see at the horizon, directly on North.

I thought it couldn’t be Denali as I spent 2 days in the National Park, trying to see it without any luck because the clouds, but I was sure it was Denali, also known as Mount McKinley.

Finally I asked a runner and he told me “It is the McKinley” and suddenly my heart began to run; It was crazy in my last day but should go there. So I got the car, and I did 220 kms again to the National Park, and I got the spectacular views of the mountain I was looking for several days before.

The picture was taken early in the morning, at sea level, probably Anchorage is one of the points of the world where you can shoot a picture to a longer distance from sea level. It is a pity the images quality is not very good, because at 2003 (at the beginings of digital photography) and because they stole me the laptop and the memories of the camera, so I didn’t shoot at high quality and size to save space.

In the first picture you can see the sea, the Inlet of Anchorage, then the coast and lowlands of Point MacKenzie and finally the mount Denali (“Father” in native language) and the Mount Hunter (Begguya in native: “the kid”) at 218 kms from the point of shooting. As you can see in the picture, all the mountains are clearly visible.  For comparison you can also see the panoramic simulation of Ulrich Deuschle.

A second picture,-you can see below the text- is the point of the road at 106 kms from the Denali, where you see the mountain by first time, it is very impressive and all the cars stop there to see the panorama and say ohhh.

The last picture is taken at the closest point of the road to the mountain, about 66 kms from the top. And the place is simply spectacular: we are at low altitude 400 m and in front of us the Denali shines like a ice diamond at there 6.194 mts. The site is unbelivible and at the risk of losing my flight I was there more than one hour and I have one of the more special experiences of my life.

Denali_road blog Denali on the road from point 2, 106 km to the South
Denali blog Denali from point 3, 66 km to the South

5 thoughts on “218 KM | Anchorange – Denali

  1. Several other further views of Denali from around Fairbanks are possible by googling “Denali Fairbanks” and looking at the Images section – some may be closer to 300km away.

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  2. Thanks for your comments Dan!. We selected this photograph from Anchorange because it has been taken from a great distance and it is very beautiful. It also interesting to notice the fact of being taken from seashore. However, it is true that there are other perspectives of Denali, also very nice and even more distant. We know a picture taken from Sanford peak, at about 370 km (and formerly the farthest known ground-to-ground picture) but is it so dim that the silhouette is difficult to be seen. It seems tempting to publish another article with some good pictures of Denali, from Fairbanks for example. That perspective from this other major city is also really impressive. On the other hand, may be said that we are open for suggestions and comments from readers and we will be delighted if any photographer sends us some pictures! We think is a great idea to have colaborators as you, and then be able to know and enjoy the beauty of certain landscapes portrayed from great distances around the world.

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