193 KM | Barcelona – Mallorca

Mallorca bret BH names
Distance193 Kilometers
ByMarc Bret
CameraPanasonic Lumix FZ72
LensZoom-Nikkor ED @ 51 mm. – f/5.5 – v:1/60
DateNovember 18th 2014 – 17:17

The profile of the Serra de Tramuntana in the north of Mallorca is visible from Barcelona several times throughout each year but few people realize.

The best place to achieve a beautiful view is from the Tibidabo mountain, the highest hill in the city. Great transparency days make Mallorca very easily to be seen with the naked eye and occupies a wide extension of the horizon.

The best moments usually be at dawn, especially in autumn and winter. However, this image was possible at sunset and even with a few clouds.

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For some years, I have an habit of portraying the island from this city, and other interesting distants lines of sight. On the other hand, however, I’m not the only one who regularly take pictures of Mallorca.

Alfons Puertas from the Fabra Observatory (investigation and monitoring meteorology and astronomy) also registers and often photographs the island in very good situations as well.

It is interesting to note that despite this sightnings a large ammount of citizens from Barcelona still don’t believe Mallorca can actually be seen from its city. The maximum total length of the island from the Tibidabo divisable on days with good visibility occupies about 15.5 degrees in the South horizon, but discontinuously, with some mountains separated between them by the sea, apparently.

Here it is the more representative simulation usual for days with very good transparency from Tibidabo. The image above (at the beginning of this article) does not cover all divisable extension of the Tramuntana mountains but only the most outstanding part because it is made with a little zoom, with purpose of giving greater consideration of the main reliefs of the range.

The panoramic simulation that is more relevant to the photograph you can view in this other simulation of Ulrich Deuschle program. Also you can see through a faster exercise (although with a little less detail) through the program facilitated by Fabio Soldati in peakfinder.org

map Bcn Mallorca

MAP OF THE LINE OF SIGHT The mountains of the Serra de Tramuntana are the only visible relief of the Balearic Islands from Barcelona. Menorca (the neighboring island north) is slightly further but its relief not reaching 370 meters high; so it’s not possible to spot it.


Not all moments during the day are usually favorable to contemplate the island from the city, but if conditions are good enough, it is possible to see it during the whole day. Here a few own photographs collected at different times of certain days.

SunriseTibidaboMallorca BHMontjuicMallorca Bret2 BHMidday 14 Gener BH
Afternoon2 BHEvening BcnMallorcanight

From left to right and top to bottom:

  1. Sunrise from the Tibidabo.
  2. In the morning, from Montjuic (small hill about 175 meters high located within the city) with snow covering the Puig Major, 4 winters ago.
  3. Midday from a street in the upper part of the city (in urban areas). I show only the Massif of Puig Major, with high zoom, on a day with very good contrast of light and with almost no seeing, therefore one of the most crisp photographs Mallorca that I’ve done.
  4. In the afternoon, from “Turó de La Rovira”, it’s another small hill located within the urban area, also with a great view of the city. On the right we can see the Cathedral.
  5. In the evening. A view of Mallorca from a street of “Can Caralleu”, other high neighborhood.
  6. At night, again from Tibidabo (Collserola range). Sometimes it is possible to perceive the light bulbs that are in the top of Puig Major exposing the camera for a few seconds. You can see it here the light spot and below the trace of a passing airplane.

More information and pictures, also others similars from me and from other authors, you can find it linking here:
In spanish 2 articles: http://ventanasdeaire.wordpress.com
In catalan language several more: http://horitzonsllunyans.wordpress.com

In facebook: http://www.facebook.com/horitzonsllunyans

5 thoughts on “193 KM | Barcelona – Mallorca

  1. Great pics. Thanks for taking these.

    What’s the lowest point in town where you can still see any of Palma, or any of the islands? If even just a sliver on the horizon?

    Thanks again.


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