201 KM | Monteluro, IT – Velebit Mts., CR

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Distance201 Kilometers
ByDaniele Prioli
CameraCanon EOS 400D
Lens300 Milimeters
DateNovember 06th 2007

Entering in the very honored category of 200+ km for just a thousand meters here we have this impressive image from Daniele, covering a lot of distance even from almost sea level!

Danielle quotes: “Picture taken before the sunset from Monteluro at the height of 189 meters, of Velebit Mountains approx 200 KM over the Adriatic sea with a perfect clear sky due to Bora wind.

Searching in Wikipedia for Bora Wind we can find the following description:

The Bora (Bulgarian and Russian: буря, Croatian: bura, Greek: μπόρα, Slovene: burja, Italian, Polish and Turkish also Venetian: buòra) is a northern to north-eastern katabatic wind in the Adriatic, (…), Italy.

And looking at the synoptic situation of that day we can see how this wind is produced:

All credits go to meteociel.fr / Réanalyses NCEP 2.5º

And it seems this lead to a very good visibility and clear air over sea level, quite uncommon to be said!

Ulrich Deuschle has a simulation of this view here:

All credits go to http://www.udeuschle.selfhost.pro/panoramas/makepanoramas_en.htm

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