72 KM | Turó de l’Home – Illes Medes

Distance72 Kilometers
ByMarc Bret
CameraPanasonic Lumix FZ72
LensPanasonic Lumix FZ72   f/5.9-1/800
Zoom eq: 214 mm
DateJune 15th 2017 – 07:06

Ses Illes Medes, are a small archipelago of the Costa Brava (Catalonia-Spain) and a protected reserve of marine fauna.

From the highest point of the Massís del Montseny (1706 m) the distance is not very long, only about 72 Kms, but often poor visibility does not allow them to be seen.

On this occasion however, there was a great ally: The reflection of the sun in those just moments influenced the waters around them and the occasion could not be let out.


The distant silhouettes generally make up a cut line of relief in front of the sky. This allows the brightness of the sky to be well contrasted and be noticeable. It does not happen the same many times in the closest silhouettes, which if seen from certain levels, are not the last plans of the image and therefore do not cut against the sky and as a result, paradoxically they can be difficult to perkind .

Now … If such silhouettes are for example on a lake or on the sea … if there is a possibility that the sun is positioned close to it and in the right angle, then magical moments may appear. Islands look out!

The virtue of this effect is even more patent, if, in addition, most of the sky is covered by clouds, and only for some part the light enters direct  and precisely guesses the reason we want to contemplate or portray .

This is the stage effect, just like in a theater set where light technicians focus on the scene where the actresses or actors are, and at the same time a rebound effect of the same light, so we could say “rebound effect“.

By the other hand, moreover, at the moments of photography, stratocated altocumules concealed most of the sky and minimized the effects of parasitic light in the ambient, but between the clouds holes the crepuscular rays flooded the sea surrounding the islands.  And as I said, it bounced straight to the summit of Montseny, at 1706 m. height

Click here to see a 3D simulation in a new window
(Ulrich Deuschle panorama)

Other two pics more:

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