183 KM | Piemonte, IT – Matterhorn, CH

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Distance183 Kilometers
ByFabrizio Giudici
CameraSony Alpha 6000
LensFE 70-200 mm F4 G OSS @ 151 mm. – f./6.3
DateNovember 27th 2015

Here we have an amazing view taken from near the Apennines, in a Natural Park called Parco Naturalle delle Capanne di Marcarolo.

A place with a great potential for distant sights, as it offers a very good position to view over the surrounding mountains: all the Eastern Alps at once!

As written by the author in our submission site:

Computed with PeakFinder.org:
+ distance from Monte Rosa (Dufourspitze): 171.6 km
+ distance from Monte Cervino (Matterhorn): 182.9 km

44°31’59” N 8°46’36” E, 870m above the sea level

The regional park “Capanne di Marcarolo” is located in the Apennine Mountains between Piemonte and Liguria – it’s actually just a few kilometres from the Ligurian Sea and my home town, Genoa. Sometimes my parents used to take me there when I was a child; then I somewhat forgot about it for forty years. A couple of years ago I started “rediscovering” some places near home – I really prefer to travel for my photographic journeys, but I decided that, when lack of time or other things prevent them, surroundings are a good excuse for practicing photography. 

The park itself doesn’t contain majestic landscapes, but it offers spectacular far views of the western Alps in Autumn, specially in those days when atmospheric inversion occur – that is, fog is confined in the lower layers near the ground, leaving clear air above and offering very long viewing ranges if you just climb enough. In the photo the “sea of fog” due to inversion can be seen: it was covering the wide Pianura Padana, which basically makes most of northern Italy, hiding a large number of medium and large towns.

Certainly a place to go for those that are fans of distant sights!


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