196 KM | Grignetta – Mont Blanc

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Mount Blanc.JPG
Distance196 Kilometers
ByAdrian Sobczyszyn
CameraSony HX300
LensBuilt – In Lens
DateSeptember 5th 2017

Here we have a great idea to see the main chain of the Alps from the distance with great results!

And it is even next to the magnificient place of “Lago di Garda”, so double the reason to go there and have a look. It seems it will be impressive to see a clear sunset from there on a good day!

Thank you Adrian for sharing this with us.

Adrian has also provided us with a simulation of the views, looking W.

symulacja m&m.jpgSimulation of the view looking W

As you can see the Matterhorn summit is almost rising over the closer peaks.


The views are also very beautiful as they were taken days after one of the first snowfalls of this season. All the highest peaks are softly touched by the white color of the snow, giving the view its winterly aspect.


And finally, the lake! Great summer view and very clear air above it.

The Alps are always a good place to go.

Normal.JPGOverview of looking direction, W from Grignetta

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