538 KM | Bourdeaux, FLIGHT – Mont Blanc

Overview of the panorama from the flight
Mont Blanc over the cloud tops just a few minutes before sunrise – The moment of best visibility
Distance538 Kilometers
ByRamon Ibarz
CameraNikon D90 @ ISO1000 – 1/250
LocationOver Bourdeaux
DateAugust 22nd 2017 – 06:40

When we launched the In Flight picture category, we never thought to find something that impressive.

On ground to ground pictures, more than 300 km. is considered as an exceptional sight, but here we are talking about more than 500 km.
Absolutely a distance that is difficult to imagine.

On the Author’s words:

This photo was taken from a plane, flying over West France, near Bordeaux, 15 m. before the sun rises.
I used Generate a Panorama web, to identify the mountains and calculate the distance to Montblanc, aprox. 538 Km. away.
With the naked eye the MontBlanc highligths in the horizon.
This kind of photos could only be taken few minutes before the sun rise.

3 thoughts on “538 KM | Bourdeaux, FLIGHT – Mont Blanc

  1. Fantastic photo, but sorry to play killjoy here. Having thought “surely the Massif Central is in the way”, I’ve checked with a few panorama websites and I think it’s Puy de Dome, still a respectable 300km away. The shape looks right as well, looking at photos of it. The mountains further south would be Plomb du Cantal and neighbouring peaks. Cannot get Mont Blanc into the view even at 9,000-10,000 metres above Bordeaux.

    I’d be happy to be proved wrong!


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