188 KM | Zaragoza – Monte Perdido

Morning view of Monte Perdido Massif from Valdemadera
Distance188 Kilometers
CameraNikon D5100 @ ISO200 – 1/20 s
LensSigma 70 – 300 DG APO @ 150mm. – f./6.3
DateApril 2th 2015 – 06:52

Fantastic Morning view with incredible detail on the long distance sights from Valdemadera mountain pass, a few kilometers South of Zaragoza, in Spain.

As usually, the moments before the sunrise are magic: clear air and illuminated background can make very long distance sights possible.

Want to know more? You can always check our Visibility Facts page with tons of information on how to make this pictures on your own!


I discovered that Valdemadera mountain (at 1.275 meters above sea level) was a great place to see Pyrenees range a few years ago as it is high enough to allow the views over surrounding mountains and (the most important thing) it is reachable by car.

Even with this ease of access, specially important when the desired time of arrival is before sunrise, I had never succeded in going there in a day of good visibility until last week.

As part of a mountaineering schedule that made me go to North of Spain by car, I decided to plan an stopover in Zaragoza, to get some sleep and be able to go to Valdemadera before sunrise.

When I arrived to the summit the view was incredible.

All mountains in Pyrenees were perfectly shown in contrast with the orange sky at the background, as the sun was still below the horizon.

General view of Pyrenees before sunrise

This is one of the reasons behind the sunrise being a great moment to photograph distant horizons -the contrast between the mountains and the sky in the background-. It also helps that before sunrise, the air tends to be more static, as the heat of the sun is not creating convection.

This mountain is located South of Ebro river, and the Pyrenees at the North, and this way the view is uncovered to almost all directions, as the valley surrounding Ebro river has an average height of around 300 meters.


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