276 KM | Mallorca – Penyagolosa, Castellón

Sun setting right behind Penyagolosa peak in Castellón province, Spain, seen from the Tramuntana mountains, Mallorca island.
Cropped image from the original to show better detail
Distance276 Kilometers
ByPedro Miguel Mas Pons
CameraNikon D7200 @ ISO100 – 1/100s
LensNikon 18-200 f/3.5-5.6 @300 mm – f/8.0
DateSeptember 4th, 2020 – 21:30 h

I was hiking with a colleague, trying to reach Puig de Massanella (1367 m.) to enjoy the sunset from the top. It is the second highest elevation of Mallorca’s island, in the Balearic arhipelago (Spain), Mediterranean sea. Sometime before reaching the top, near Coll des Prat (1200 m. high), we decided to make a pause to see the sunset over the sea. Then I spotted this distant mountain silhouette on the continent over the horizon, all the way over the sea, perfectly aligned with the sun disc, 276 km. away. This was a totally unexpected ephemeris. I managed to take some pictures with my modest zoom (300mm.) which I publish in this article, together with a map and some simulations made in Ulrich Deuschle’s website.

Map showing the actual line of sight

Puig Major mountain in the foreground (1436 m.) almost blocking the view of Penyagolosa.

Ulrich Deuschle detailed simulation of the picture taken.

Another Ulrich Deuschle simulation in a more wide angle view

2 thoughts on “276 KM | Mallorca – Penyagolosa, Castellón

    • Hi Sebastian. Thanks for your comments.
      The photo was taken at 1200 m. above sea level.
      About your second question, I don’t see the sun’s reflection on the clouds. I rather see it clearly over the sea, under the Penyagolosa mountain. It is the reflection of the sun rays over the curve of the Earth, as 75% of Penyagolosa mountain is hidden under the sea horizon.
      All the best,


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