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Mallorca in the sky!  (21/12/2014, from Montseny)

Since I was young I felt very attracted by the phenomena of air and sky. I fabricated a telescope and I spended entire nights scanning the sky for to see distant cosmic objects with the help of maps detailed of astronomy. I liked the meteorology also and I did studies in order to find causes, efects and correlations of certain phenomena, specially of local scale that may be had not sufficiently aroused the curiosity of other forecasters. Simultaneously I liked mountanering (walking and climbing also) and sometimes I could identify distant mountains when it reached a peak.

One day I asked myself if I could really see the island of Majorca from Barcelona. Then I considered the challenge of photographing. Suddenly became a new study activity. Very stimulating activity for me in which I autoespecializado.
The photograph of distant landscpes was until very recently (unlike the astronomical photography or atmospheric phenomena) a type little worked and which had little hobby worldwide. The reason I think has been given by the great improbability that able to do certain kinds of photographs because it require special circumstances of ambiental lighting and special weather conditions. Not all landscape photographers are skilled meteorologists and forecasters tend to like more of portraying atmospheric phenomena.
Seeing some photographs collected by others, thanks to the talent of these and also to good luck (in the majority of cases the authors had not predicted to portray distant landscapes but found the chance) it made me want to deepen in this topic.
I realized that there are certain aspects of atmospheric situations that are the same in the days in which I can get interesting distant observations as well as certain provisions of ambient light are also very positive. Some interesting correlations of ambient light and meteorological values apparently had not been discovered by anyone, even abounded certain misperceptions about that. With the analysis of days and successive own experiences, my percentages of good visions in relation to the percentage to number of attempts to distant sightings increased rapidly and currently from my geographical zone I most success in my predictions, although it will always exist a margin of error, which I also like, of course.
On the other hand I felt the self-stimulation not only to seek horizons but also to find more images and to enjoy especially photographs that were not own. Most of the images got them done by chance but I also found others authors, especially Marcos Molina because their photos are characterized by a large quality.

I fixed my eyes especially in images that managed to take from the Puig Roig in an unusual day of February 2010. They were a beautiful impact. They called me so much attention that I spent almost whole year analyzing the geographical details and other interesting aspects revealed in these images. That work was not only by computer but also physical tasks involved me in several points of Catalonia. The result of that was interessant and moreover contributed mainly to increase even more my own hobby.
Three years ago, with accumulated experience and own photographs, I edited other document more generally it look to introduce people to the knowledge of some aspects of distant horizons. Then, when I finished I also decided to start making a specialized blog (, which is active. Both (the blog and the two cited documents) are written in Catalan. Then I began to develop a similar blog but in Spanish version ( ) to accommodate a more number of potential readers, people they could like it and encourage them to provide for their hand, his photographs and experiences which would also be very interesting to view for many people. In the spanish blog are onlu few own photographs because my intention it is to give more prominence to other authors.

During this activity of difussion, casually I found some interessant photographs of Juanjo Diaz and others of Jordi Solé. They allowed me to edit them in my blogs for an articles and started a little bit of comunication.

Meanwhile, I was considering new nice challenges. One of them suddenly came to my mind also when I got myself about other new questions, although I think may be it’s very probably other people also would have done the same questions, but in my mind it were spontaneous: What would be the maximum distance landscape of our planet? What is the most distant photograph made so far? From which sites of the world that pictures can be overcome?
I started researching and I found to overcome the world record could be achieved surprisingly away in my own country and also could be achieved thanks to a fortunate combination of geographical and good astrolandscapes factors.

I sensed that share the challenge with some other persons it would be even more exciting for me and for all, and really it was. The challenge was getting to make the first photographs of the Alps from the Pyrenees and to make a report. The challenge also supposed to overcome the world record in photography away. The joint adventure (each contributing things by him) was a success.

Continuing with chronic, personally I think this event encouraged us all to do more things together towards new objectives. One of them it is the birth of this website, which all participate but in which, Juan Diaz de Argandoña, actually for their higher degree of dedication is who else is developing them.
I thank all colleagues (Jordi, Juanjo, Marcos) the existence of this site and the fact I also I can form part of this team. The web, from my point of view has mainly been born thanks to nature, in concret across the beauty of the landscapes accumulated in some many photographs both own and from others.

Contemplations of distant silhouettes sometimes last few minutes, so his pleasure is fleeting, but the pictures are here and it serve for others to enjoy them. Besides the photographs are (or can be) a source of encouragement to other persons for make new pictures to other silhuetes from other distances.. or repeat the same mountains but to achieve with better visibility conditions or with most talented yet. Nature always gives us his spaced and we through this website we can explain the potential that it offers us and show what the nature gives us when we are aware there and finally make the appropriate clicks. ..Because at the end, the photograph of everything is as simple as click, but behind that click, therer are a lot of possibilities.

I want to thanks to all readers that may be they can make contributions to this web site. We wish to acknowledge with the rigor they deserve. Many of them it’s sure can do interessant photos and we will be happy to show them with their permission.
My personal wish is that this website is a beautiful new window into this way of making photographs in nature, and likewise also to make us even more aware of the quality of the air surrounding our planet and the value of preservation; as an end in itself and also as a means to continue watching distant landscapes and possibly, sometimes, even remote silhouettes, over many decades.

I also take this under “thanks” to also personally give thanks to other persons which their things have been stimulus of my personal researchs. It is thanks to their previous jobs that I have largely been able to develop everything here more or less have like I have summarized. Thanks for example to the author of the page because coincidentally I met his website in my still incipient moments of my first searches of balearic pitures. More great thanks to Marcos Molina, excellent photographer, great companion and active member and essential on this website; nice thinks to Johathan Ferranti author of Viewfinderpanoramas and very expert in the field and obviously also a lot of thanks to Ulrich Deuschle for their fantastic simulator, almost indispensable for myself and colleagues. I want to mention also to Dalekie community Obserwacje; they are important references for me and they spreading many photographs in is website. I also thank the existance of variety websites of cartography, meteorology and astronomy because of which I usually nourish me also to achieve my landscaping purposes or to achieve diffusion rigor about it.
Today I also thank and mention to Rosa Navales, who accompanied me lately in several of my observations. Moreover she has great eye for spotting silhouettes that go unnoticed for many people. With her I have seen the Alps and the Apennines from Corsica and Mallorca from some places.
And jumping from the present to the distant past I want to thank someone but unfortunately can not read me: My grandmother Joaquina, because she was in my childhood who first heard that someone could see Mallorca from Barcelona. Without she perhaps I would be not now looking to the future.


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