178 KM | Westport, WA – Mt. Rainier

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Distance178 Kilometers
CameraCanon Rebel
LensCanon Lens @ 200 mm.
DateNovember 30th 2014

Impressive and clear picture of Mt. Rainier, elevating to 4.392 meters above sea level, captured from almost this very same sea level. 

It is always a very good sign of a clear atmosphere when such a picture can be taken so close to the ground.

Thank you Patrick for sharing with us this picture!


218 KM | Anchorange – Denali

Denali_1200 blog
Distance218 Kilometers
ByJosep Manchado
CameraNikon E5700
LensZoom-Nikkor ED @ 71.2 mm. – f./ 2.8
DateJune 28th 2003 – 22:02

Formerly known as Denali by local natives, Mt. McKinley is the highest peak in N. America.

The peak has a large potential distant horizon and it is also found in an area of the planet where the air is usually free of pollution. The severe and changing weather also contributes to produce high transparency.

When it happens, the result may be one of the most magnificent views on Earth.

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