324 KM | Puig d’en Galileu, Mallorca – Pic de Saloria, Pyrenees

Distance324 Kilometers
ByMarcos Molina
CameraCanon eos 5D Mark III
LensNikon f/5.6 600mm (manual)
DateFebruary 11th, 2018 – 17:00 h

World Record for the longest line of sight In – Country!

On the way up to the Tramuntana mountains, Mallorca, Balearic islands. Spain’s Mainland can be seen one hundred miles away above the horizon, only under very exceptional atmospheric conditions.

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251 KM | Cantavieja – Posets

Distance251 Kilometers
ByJuanjo Diaz de Argandoña
CameraNikon D5100 @ ISO160 – 1/400
LensED80 APO Refractor Telescope (900 mm. equiv.)
DateDecember 23rd 2014 – 9:30

Another picture from the Historic day of 23rd of December, 2014.

The clearness of that day allowed me to take pictures of almost every peak in the horizon, not even caring about the distance to it

This time, the area around the highest peak in Pyrenees, and the third in height of Spain, Aneto at 3.404 meters above sea level.

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246 KM | Cantavieja – Monte Perdido

Cantavieja II (5)
Distance246 Kilometers
ByJuanjo Diaz de Argandoña
CameraNikon D5100 @ ISO160 – 1/400
LensED80 APO Refractor Telescope (900 mm. equiv.)
DateDecember 23rd 2014 – 9:22

In distant photography  there are good days, and there are days that go to History.

 23rd of December, 2014 was one of this days, as being ultra – clear.

Covering distances up to 260 kilometers in a single picture, maintaining the details as the picture above does can only be achieved in a day with perfect conditions.

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292 KM | Galileu, Mallorca – Montseny & Puigmal

Panoramic composite of two pictures, taken at 400mm. focal distance (eq. 35mm) and after a heavy developing to bring out detail. Click to enlarge.   099
ByPedro Miguel Mas
CameraNikon D3000 @ ISO200 – 1/320s
LensNikon 70-300mm f/4.5-5.6 @ 300 mm, f/9.0 (= 400 mm)
DateDecember 8th 2014 – 10:15

Puigmal, one of the most emblematic mountains of Catalunya, with its unmistakeable shape and white snowy top, 292 km. from my eyes, seen across the Mediterranean sea and Catalunya plateau.

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290 KM | Mallorca – Montserrat / Pyrenees

Panorama composite of 3 horizontal photographs. Click to enlarge.
ByMarcos Molina
CameraCanon EOS 5D Mark II @ ISO100 – 1/6s
LensCanon EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS USM @ 400 mm – f/11
+ Canon 1.4x (= 560 mm)
DateFebruary 28th 2010 – 18:06
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The well-known Montserrat silhouette and the snowy Pyrenees mountains much farther behind, as seen from Mallorca, crossing the Mediterranean sea and entire Catalonia for 300 km. View spotted from Puig Roig summit (1002 m.) at Tramuntana hills.

Click here to see a 3D simulation in a new window
(Ulrich Deuschle panorama)

289 KM | Penyagolosa, ES – Pic Long, FR & Monte Perdido, ES


Distance 289  Kilometers
Camera Nikon D5100 @ ISO100 – 1/1600
Lens Sigma 70 – 300 DG APO @ 300 mm. – f./5.6 (450 mm. equiv.)
Date December 21st 2012 – 10:40
First attempt to create a panorama from Penyagolosa peak (1.813 m.), it covers half of Pyrenees range, with some of the most renowned mountains on it.

Since I started to like mountaineering in Pyrenees, seeing this kind of images is looking at all the stories this summits can tell.

283 KM | Sierra Nevada, ES – Atlas Range, MA

Sierra Nevada I - Mulhacen (6)

Distance283 Kilometers
ByJuanjo Diaz de Argandoña
CameraNikon D5100 @ ISO400 – 1/320
LensSigma 70 – 300 DG APO @ 300 mm. – f./5.6 (450 mm. equiv.)
DateDecember 26st 2012 – 18:00

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This picture was taken at sunset in Poqueira refuge (2.500 m) when late afternoon colors increase contrast and unveiled Atlas range in the horizon, located in North Africa.

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