Snowdon (Wales) – Isle of Man & Lamachan Hill (Scotland). 223 Kms

A part of the Isle of Man and more distant landscapes to the north. Click to enlarge. Really a wonderful wiew from the highest point of Wales, looking to Scotland at 223 Kms.

May be the most distant picture between landscapes in the British islands?

We haven’t notice about anything far awaw!.  Thanks a lot Kriss Williams!

We can compare the picture with this virtual panorama. In this case this graffic has been generated for Jonathan Ferranti and also shown in his excellent website: You can read his description also with more details. He’s really an expert about distant horizons also and he developed a simulator of panoramas of high quality. In addition, in his country he’s especially knowledgeable about its landscapes and all its max. potential.


Distance 223 Kilometers
By Kriss Williams
Camera Sony SLT-A99V.  ISO:500
Oberture and time 40 mm  v:1/4
Date 15 July 2015


Metoffice showed a High-pressure Atlantic ridge began to enter the territory, providing clean and calmer air. On the other hand, we also have to take into account the light factor. At that time of the year, both the light of the morning dawn and the twilight in the afternoon occur in the north quadrant for medium-high latitudes, so this facilitates a good visual contrast due to the screen effect if the air is transparent. That’s for the same reason that we’ve sometimes get distant views of the Alps from the Pyrenees.



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