As we all know, Earth is rounded, but its surface is not smooth.

earthEurope – centered Earth globe

Mountains along Earth surface allow us to observe distant horizons, even as the further surfaces start to disappear as a result of Earth’s curvature.

The first requisite for a mountain to be observed from another distant summit is to have direct visibility, or in other terms, to have a clear view between each other:


 If the mountains are too far away, Earth’s curvature starts to take its presence, and it is not possible to see distant mountains:


We will see later that under certain conditions, atmospheric air can bend light trajectories and this will make hidden mountains visible. This phenomenon is called refraction.


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  1. Question… how can someone see a peak below 76000 ft. of curvature and the difference between peaks is only 1500 ft? This is the longest line of sight on your website.

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