172 KM | Bastia (Corsica) – Apennines

Distance172 Kilometers
ByMarc Bret Gumà
CameraFujifilm HS20 EXR @ ISO100 – 1/800
LensD4.2mm x zoom @ 61 mm – f/8
DateDecember 03rd 2012 – 13:38

This picture was taken from the citadel of Bastia but the summits can be seen from the harbour or from the beach also. As shown in the image, without snow they would have been invisible.

Apuan Alps (Alpi Apuani in Italian) are a mountain range in northern Tuscany and part of Apennine Mountains (Italy). In winter, when the days are clean and the mountains are snow covered, their silhouettes can reach the coast of Corsica and it’s possible to see them above the Tirrenian sea.  Some small peaks even look like icebergs, offering a beautiful show.

Corsica is one of the best sites in Europe to see distant horizons: mountains higher than 2.700 m. and several islands and coasts with other mountains surrounding at different distances. From the top of Monte Cinto, the line of sight can reach over 400 Km, one of the longest of Europe. My visit to Corsica was partially motivated to portray distant horizons and my biggest dream would have been to actually climb Monte Cinto and see the ultimate horizon, but my attempts coincided with bad weather in the center of the island. In contrast, on the coast, the air was clean and clear after the pass of several cold fronts on the surface.

Map with the same angle of photography. Click here to check the virtual panorama also. 172 km it’s the max. distance. Longer points of views are possibles from coasts of Córsica (apart from the mountains).

From the West Coast, in Punta Rosa for example, near of Calvi, you can see the Alps, 250 km away. In fact, I also saw the Alps from the northern coast, near Cap Corse; a place with potential lines until 253 km. I don’t write here a post about it because it was a faint vision of low quality, but you can see one of the images here. Under the great cloud is possible to distinguish the snow.

DSCF8830 BretFrom Bàstia again, with a wider angle, from Monte Sagro until Pania Secca aproximately.


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